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Many thanks to Alfonso Rubino for the use of his works. Much of the text associated with these works is written in Italian. If you would like to translate from Italian into another language, try Babel Fish; though by far not perfect, it is sufficient. Also, Alfonso is a very gracious man who enjoys receiving correspondence pertaining to his work.

n - The Geometry - Beauty of Leonardo da Vinci (IT)
Leonardo da Vinci: The Humanitas
Annunciazione - the geometrical revelation

Leonardo da Vinci: The Geometrical Revelation


Anthropological Synthesis


Castel del Monte
Cerchio nel Grano


Cheops: Room of the King


Hathor di Denderah

         b. Bassorilievo del Dio Min


Design of the World
Applied to the Bible at Vienna
Compare with the Bible in Toledo
Geometric Analysis

Diatonic Scale and the Hebrew Alphabet


Flower of Life and the Giza Pyramids


Giotto Segreto
Giotto's Madonna of Ognissanti


Giza: Dynamic Model


Hieroglyphic Monad - Crop Circle at Melick


Language of the Gods


Leonardo da Vinci


Lord Francis Bacon's Rose


MU - A Cosmic Diagram
            a. Stages of Construction
new!  b. Dee, Boehme & The Great Pyramid


Mylius and the 3 Pyramids at Giza
         a. Pyramid on the U.S. Dollar Bill
         b. Pyramid at Silbury Hill


Pyramid at Karnak
         a. Exterior View
         b. Heart, Mind, and the Divine


Qabalah and Sacred Geometry
The Tree of Life and Chartres Cathedral
Another View of Chartres
The Tree of Life and Vetruvian Man
The Divine Tetragram


Sacred Crosses


Sacred Triangle


San Galgano Monastery
Enlarged Version
Compared to the Cathedral at Chartres


Secret Science of Ancient Egypt


Sphinx, Great Pyramid, and Khufu's Valley Temple


Squaring of a Circle


Stanza di Eliodoro
         a. Geometric Analysis
         b. Raphael
         c. Anni Palindromi


Total Information Awareness: The Psi Way
What does it mean?

         b. The Castle at Chambord: God's City on Earth?
Compare to Fractal Geometry

Vision of the Cosmic Man


Vitruvian Man and the Fundamental Structures
       a. Geometric Analyses of the Aztec Sundial
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Applied to Vitruvian Man

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