Alfonso Rubino

Alfonso Rubino was born in Mesagne (Italy) in 1946. For many years he has lived and worked in Padua. He has been married since 1974 and has one son. His is a Civil Engineer by profession and worked for many years in the construction of large civil and hydraulic designs. His most recent position was as a public official. He also helped to restructure the system of museums in Padua, as well as other large infrastructures.

Alfonso's interest in Ancient Egypt sprang accidentally from his independent scientific research to elaborate a mathematical paradigm for the comprehension of psychic phenomenons. He studied perception and isolated a new type of energy called: PSINERGIA. This type of energy is found in all dynamic demonstrations of living things and is also measurable in normal physical dimensions.

During the development of these studies, he discovered some harmonic sequences very similar to the musical scales. In 1995, during a holiday in England, he bought a tourist guide of Egypt written by A.West. Observing the plans of the temple of Kom Ombo contained in the guide, he discovered the possibility of a relationship between the positions of the walls of the Temple and the harmonic sequences studied within psychic research. In consequence, he began a study which has led to an elaboration of a "Dynamic Theory" which can be applied as a tool to investigate the possibility of a sort of science in Ancient Egypt.

The existence of a deliberate and scientifically known energetic and harmonic content in the geometries of the monuments and other works of Egyptian Art now seems probable. Alfonso's efforts are aimed at deepening the knowledge of Sacred Geometric Codes. He hopes to develop effective instruments usefull in making other discoveries of the Ancient Egyptian Civilization.

Alfonso's principal interests are always, however, focused on the development of knowledge of psychic energy and the study of communication between living beings, as well as any possible practical applications by people who experience sensory deficits. Because he is an "independent researcher," i.e., someone who works without supplementary financial support, he works with notable difficulties.

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