The observation of pyramids and monuments of ancient Egypt and of many symbols of the antiquity has allowed to individualize some methods of geometric composition placed at the base of the projects.

These methods are founded, very often, on the observation of the human form and on relationship : man -nature and man - cosmos.

They are geometric compositions that follow precise rules. The rules of the Sacred Geometry. The studies and the experimentations made on some human types have confirmed the described hypothesis. In synthesis i found that:

1-Every man has his own anthropical relationships

2-The ancient rules of Sacred Geometry applied to the anthropical relationships founded always allow to define a personal mandala of elevated geometric harmony that we could define : Geometric Imprint in analogy with the Digital Imprint.

3-The knowledge of this personal geometric expression is useful because it allows to understand the harmonic connection that the subject expresses naturally with the world. To define the anthropical synthesis and i must have a special photo of the subject.

The model is illustrated in the following figure:


The anthropical Syntheses are realized by Alfonso Rubino. Le Sintesi antropometriche sono eseguite dall' Ing. Alfonso Rubino.